Welcome to the Wear a dress a day challenge! 

This challenge was created a few years ago after I gave birth to my son. I picked up my history of fashion book from college. I was in awe of any era when women wore dresses with gloves, hats, and pursed to match daily!

Indeed, growing up watching many women on both sides of my family glide across the floor when wearing a dress compared to walking in pants.

Yes! Women walk differently in a dress......there is something magical that catches your eye......... It will make you look twice! 

We are so excited to celebrate the divine feminine with you!

Summer is here!

July is here!

Sundress season has arrived!

Skirts are also acceptable, sis!

So for the next 7 days! 

Friday 7/16/21-7/22/21 Thursday

Pull out those dresses/skirts, take a pic, post to yout IG/FB & tag #Wearadressadaychallege

We are collecting pics from all the beautiful women who post a pic in a dress!