was created to be a lifestyle, brand, and a positive way of lyfe

that promotes self love & divine feminine energy through fashion, beauty, and poetry for women!


A few years ago, I had a major life event that changed my entire perspective of life and they way I was living.

I was moving around all the time. I wasn't making time to rest my mind or body.

I was taking care of everyone except myself.

I was ignoring my inner voice and pushing my dreams to the side.

Back then, I did not understand how to balance my life as a wife, mother and entrepreneur. 

My name is Empress Yana and I am the founder of EMPRESSLYFE.COM.

Our mission is to remind women to include self-care in their daily lives, uplift and encourage women through our merchandise & social media and to research and share stories of other divine feminine women throughout history.


I created this site to be a place where women can learn about:

-self care techniques


-stories & videos highlighting other positive women

-moon phases and how they can help elevate your life

-support & wear our brand

-music therapy/music lyrics

-meet & greet at our events

-my love for fashion/modeling

-wife/mommy talk/advice

I also give out lots of freebies to help you along the way. 

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-Empress Yana Jay