Beauty & Fitness

Beauty to me means so much! It starts within!
Beauty is in the the way you carry your self, your tone of voice, your smile, the glow from within.
Beauty is also the way you present yourself.
Beauty is in the way you treat other people.
Beauty is the language you speak.
Beauty is everything here at EMPRESSLYFE.COM
For so long brown skin, ethnic beauty was looked down on, yet emulated by the masses. I am so happy to have a platform where I can share my views and ideas of beauty.
Indeed, from a brown skin, afro-latina point of view!
Growing up in Atlanta has been very rewarding. I was able to gain exclusive training with make up at an early age.  I have worked with MAC Cosmetics, Sephora, Chanel, Bobbi Brown, etc. I have some cool make up tips, skin care favs and so much more to share with you!
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How do you define beauty?

Do you have issues with seeing beauty within yourself?

Let's share stories about beauty.

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My fitness journey started with dance. Yes! I was the little cousin that would dance first at the family reunions and/or house parties. LOL!!
If I hear my favorite song I still may dance in place.
Dance reminds me to be present with the moment. 
Can you find me?
Taking dance classes at Tri-Cities was the best experience as a young vibrant lady! Attending a new real life performing arts high school has left so many amazing memories in my heart. I love dance, yoga, salsa, etc.
Right now daily I do yoga and some toning training. I am forever in love with stretching though. Being 5 9 with long legs, sitting down for too long can make my muscles have spams. Here is one of my fav stretch positions that I do daily.
I also met some amazing people at Tri-Cities High School. Although, I am knowledgable in many areas, I do not know everything! I also like to shine a light on other women who are doing amazing things in their lane.
Meet Fatou! 
She has inspired my fitness routine and I had to share with you all! Follow her if you are looking for some awesome ways to stay fit!
As a women, it is important to surround yourself with other positive women. We need the support emotionally, spiritually and the feeling of close bonds with other successful women will only sharpen you.
Thank you for taking the time out to read website! I am truly honored and grateful to share my journey with you!