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My love for fashion started as I watched the many fashionable women in my family sew and make their own clothes, buy and purchase authentic clothing/fabric, and watching Naomi & Tyra Banks walk with beauty & confidence down the runway. Yes, I have a BFA in Fashion Design/Marketing from AIU (Buckhead Campus)


Growing up in America as a tall, brown, multi-cultural girl I saw the need for clothing that fit the length of my arms and legs, more positive images/messages on clothing, and more women of color in fashion overall.


I started designing clothes around 13/14 years old. I began with adding paint/yarn/beans/lace to my pants, shoes, and shirts. My grandmother would take me to Frank's (Craft store in Chicago, IL) and introduced me to all the various options to help me design more unique pieces. My black girl magic began as I started to make jewelry and clothing.




Beauty comes in so many forms, shapes, sizes, & colors. However, growing up with so many images of beauty that did NOT look like me was rough.

Indeed, when I saw Namoi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Felicia Rashad, Beverly Johnson, and Diana Ross on the screen walk and present themselves with such grace and beauty a fire inside of me ignited! I began walking in my mother's heels and playing in her clothes & jewelry. I would make our hallway at home my runway. I would walk, pose, and recite thank you speeches!

Boi, those were the days.

(Atlanta Black Fashion Expo/ GA Tech Atlanta GA)  

Now, I still enjoy modeling, runway, photoshoots, acting, etc.

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Here, I will share with you my unique exclusive designs, invite you to my fashion shows, share my experiences along the way, modeling tips and show you behind scenes pics/videos of my EMPRESSLYFE as a fashion model/actress!


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