What in the downtown Atlanta is going on?

(I do not own any right to any video. I am just sharing info)
I just love our Mayor of Atlanta! She is our Mayor mama bear! XOX Keisha Bottoms!
Did you all see the news the other night? Not only are we dealing with this COVID-19 stay in the house, stay healthy, and stay away from germs condition right now. I turn on the news and this is what my family and I started to watch.
Then when Killer Mike came on........(I was doing my two step dance) Killer Mike seems to know what to say at the right time. Watch this next video.
 I just love Atlanta!
I love this city!
I do not condone anyone tearing up businesses or hurting anyone that had nothing to do with the matter.
However, I do feel the hurt and pain of watching so many of our black men and women getting killed and no one is being held accountable for the deaths.
It looks like the time for change is current!
It is here! It appears that many people are fed up and tired of the injustice also.
What are your thoughts on what is going on around the world and in each USA City?
How else can we make a change in this current time? What leaders will take a stand now?
Leave your comments & thoughts below
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Sis, our show is back on! Have you seen the latest episode of Insecure? Ok so we are on episode 9 now. However, I just new these two would be back together again! 

This show is so special to me! As a young woman growing up in society I dealt with a lot of insecurities. I also was in the mirror saying poetry, rhyming and taking big cake to myself to give myself confidence. Especially when high school started........that is a whole other chapter.

Back to Insecure, I love the fashion. I love how the narrative speaks to me. I feel like most of the characters are super relatable and unique. 

So all the seasons are my fav. Especially season 1

Who are you fav characters? Which season is your fav? Which episode/ scene is you fav?


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