Stay Focused in 2020!

2020 is going very well so far! The weather is so bipolar here in Atlanta! One day it is 60 degrees then the next day its 45 degrees. However, I am staying focused on what is important! Daily meditation, practicing modeling runway walk & poses and keeping positive thoughts.

So I received those amazing air pods for Kwanzaa and before everyone wakes up, I am listening to some guided meditation. This really helps me because I have so many thoughts. I really need to be guided into meditation. Try this one! Let me know how it goes! XO

After joining the Pearl School of Modeling, my entire self-esteem and confidence has changed! I wake up with purpose now. I now wake wanting to practice my runway walk and poses! This place has sharpened me! I love the leadership and entrepreneurship aspect of it also. As a business owner, I am always looking to improve my business skills.  If you are a teen or adult looking to model, please contact me! Our new Fall classes are starting soon. I also have good news coming soon!!!!! STAY TUNED!


In this crazy social media craze, we are bombarded with so many negative images, videos, etc. You must work your positive thoughts like a muscle. I definitely make an extra effort to follow up on any negative thought with a positive thought. For example in my mind, I imagine the negative thought turning into words then I shoot it with my laser and all the words turn into dust! OUTTA HERE!

Thank you so much for taking the time out to read my blog! I really hope my post help assist you in any possible way. 

BEST SELLER! Thank you to everyone who has purchased out positive vibes only coffee/tea mug! I appreciate you! 


Empress Yana

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