Sis! Do Not Start Your Day With Fear!

Sis! Girl! Let me telllllllllll ya!

It is ok to be informed about what is going on in the world, however so not start your day with fear! After watching so much info about this corona virus has become overload. The closing of Walt Disney World made it super real for me! When have you ever heard of schools and Disney World both closing down? I started to fell like WOW! This is real! Indeed, I am noticing a pattern though. Every election year is an new sickness! Research for yourself, sis!

Instead of waking up to the overwhelming news, wake up to music and yoga!


Start a new morning routine!

  • Wake up to a bath and real flower petals.
  • Wake up and burn some sage or palo santo.

  • Wake up to music without words and dance by yourself.
  • Wake up and speak your intentions into your day.
  • Wake up to writing a lis of what you are grateful for.
  • Try some guided meditation on YouTube and sit in a quiet area.

Set your alarm a few minutes earlier or after everyone goes to bed. What ever works for your schedule. Choose at least two from the list above.


Ok! Jam with me. Above this blog post is a video of Pour Me Water by Mr. Eazi! I looovvveee afro beat music. Have you ever been to an afro beat party? HEAVEN!

Music changes my moods and vibes! I like to stay with motivating music. I call it my! Ayyyyye! Sis, What type of music do you use to lift your mood and/or spirits?_______________________________________________________________________


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