This is my music choice for you sis! Listen to this before you go to bed.
(I don't own any rights to this music. I am just sharing the positive vibes!)
I haven't forgotten about you! I am still processing everything that is going on around the world right now. The news is so negative, overwhelming and exhausting. I plan to stay informed and updated. However, I will not just sit and watch it all day or have it play in the background. Periodt! (As my daughter would say)
Wait! I have new music to vibe with! You know I am a melody lyrical child and I like to listen to music that inspires me. Guess who is now in rotation.
There is one album out right now that has my attention. It is so refreshing to hear the lyrics, the point of view, his choice of collars and the creative intelligence level and rhythm flow of switching up languages. Who?
His new album is in rotation.
Go check it out! I want you to hear it before I start to tell yo my fav songs.
The schools are closed and the state of GA is on lockdown. Social distancing is in full effect. I am wiping down the doorknobs, countertops, washing hands, mopping floors, etc. Cleaning and staying home are 100% my main focus right now. I would have never imagined living during the time of a global epidemic. We are now parents, chefs, teachers, counselors, nurses, etc all at the same time. However, I was researching the history path of epidemics in America. I found a few interesting facts. There was an epidemic in 1820, 1920 and now 2020! IKR! Hmmm!?!?!?!?!?
Listen, Sis! I know there is a lot going on outside your front door and it all can be overwhelming. I have a gift for you! I have created an awesome morning routine worksheet.
4 Simple Ways To Revamp Your Morning Routine 
I hope this helps during this difficult transition. XO
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