New EmpressLyfe Radio!

Greetings sis,
We have a new radio podcast! We are on Spoon app,, Spotify, etc Most Friday mornings!
Goddess Hours 5/6ish am EST!
Check us out!
Download the Spoon app if you want to interact with us on the live chat!
Celebrating the smaller wins on the way to your big wins is a great way to stay focused on your daily goals.
Create a gratitude day.
We celebrate every Friday!
  • Turn up the music 
  • Eat our favorite foods,
  • Dance around the house,
  • Say “Happy Friday VERY LOUD,
  • Take longer walks,
  • Dress up a little bit,
  • SCREAM your wins ALOUD!

Are You Watching The Moon?

Are you enjoying the moon phases?

Do you know the difference between a new moon and a full moon?
What do you make sure you get accomplished during a New Moon? 
It is a time to slow down, plan, and take heed of everything you have accomplished thus far.

Sitting still and starting your day with being still is very calming. Following the moon phases has helped me be more in tune with my intuition. I am able to move with clarity. Compare to getting up with an alarm and rushing out of the door. Later, for that old way of life.......

I am happy you are taking your journey with me on this Empress Lyfe Trybe.

Here is your moon card for the week sis!

Have faith in your dreams.

Thank you for your time sis,

Empress Yana

IG @4empressyana

FB: EmpressYana Jay & EmpressNess


Stand Up & Speak Out!


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