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Greetings Sis!

How are you? Did you see that full moon last Saturday 2/27/21? So much energy! Of course, I went live on IG in the back yard and I was the DJ for the evening. I added candles, sage, and crystals to my table under the moonlight. I love to charge my crystals under the full moon rays. I have so much to share with you. 

EmpressLyfe Trybe Book Club
Sis! I love to read! I am currently one of Sistah Souljah's books "Midnight". Want to join me in reading it? Can you commit to reading chapter day? This love story is so amazing. Let me know if you are interested. I found it on Amazon for $13.60. Send a separate email to Empressyana@empresslyfe.com. 


Our Lady of the Week: 

Maggie Lena Walker

According to goodblacknews.org, Maggie Lena Walker graduated from school in 1883, having been trained as a teacher. She married a brick contractor in 1886 and left her teaching job, at which point she became more active within the Independent Order of St. Luke, an organization dedicated to the social and financial advancement of African Americans. In 1899, Walker became the grand secretary of the organization — a position that she would hold for the rest of her life. During her tenure, she founded the organization's newspaper and opened a highly successful bank and a department store. By the time she died, on December 15, 1934, Walker had turned the nearly bankrupt organization into a profitable and effective one.

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What did you do under the full moon? What is your fav full moon ritual? 


Harriet Tubman Back on Track to Grace the $20 Bill

Did you know Harriet Tubman will soon grace the $20 Bill. It is long over due if you ask me. See how many years your good deeds are remembered long after you expire! We are lighting a candle for you Harriett Tubman in honor of all your hard work & dedication to your people.

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Empress Yana 3/21 


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