Juneteenth Festival ATL

Greetings Sis,

This years Juneteenth Festival was unique! Not only was Juneteenth finally recognized as a holiday, but the anticipation for the event in Atlanta was pulsating! This year I didn't perform solo. I performed with my sis Ra Lioness! 

It was epic! I performed "Black Gyrl Magic for the first time, but it was raining. My excitement turned to disappointment because I wanted to share our vibe with so many. Due to the rain and cold weather, the crowd was small, but my day ones were in the audience dancing and grooving to the song! Although it was raining, I was determined to show up and let my light shine. Regardless of what is going on, if my name is on the bill.....I will be there! Ra Lioness felt the same way! So we showed up and still performed anyway. Check out the video of me walking up to the stage n the rain.



 I will post the video of the performance soon! STAY TUNED!

Thank you for taking time out for me today,

Empress Yana






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