Happy New Year!


Happy Happy New Year!!!!!

2021 is finally here! 2020 felt like 10 years! I never want to think about 2020! Let's just leave the past! In the past! Ashe!



Have you ever heard of Savannah Cristina? OMG! This song stopped me in my tracks! The video by the ocean.....lawd! Totally in my lane! Every woman can relate to this song. Listen to the lyrics and give me some feedback!

Support other female artist!

(I do not own any copyrights to this song)

 How are you coping with bad news?

Never did I ever think I would live to see live anarchy! Crazy, irrational behavior, unacceptable threats and acts of treason on the capital build was really embarrassing. If they were BLM...........It would've been a massacre! If Obama would have made a speech like that, they would've bought the electric chair to his house! They would have made a huge spectacle out of it! 

However, moving right along! What you focus on will grow!

When they go low you stay high!

Thank you Mrs. Obama! That phrase is always with me.

How to you avoid bringing that nonsense energy into your home?

~ Create a sacred space/alter in your home and/or room. Light a candle, light a sweet smelling incense, play some uplifting music and settle down. Sit and be still with your thoughts! Meditate! Visualize! Make an effort to not bring any negative vibes in. Instead focus on what you want to create~


~Moon Phase ~ Jan 8th 2021~

Sis when you see the moon in this phase think of releasing. Let your worries and stress fall off your shoulders. The moon is slowly getting smaller and smaller until it reaches the new moon.

This is the time when you declutter your mind, home, car and make space for new ideas and intentions.

Take heed at how far you've come sis! Celebrate your wins! Big & small!

Following the ancient wisdom of the moon adds so much depth and value into your lyfe....EmpressLyfe!



Flemmie Pansy Kittrell


Flemmie Kittrell, the first African-American woman in the country to earn a Ph.D. in nutrition. Kittrell completed her Ph.D. at Cornell in 1936 and became the dean of women and head of the of home economics department at Hampton Institute. She was the first African American to gain a PhD in nutrition, and the first African-American woman PhD from Cornell University.

Read more about her @: FLEMMIE KITTRELL



Ok Sis! With all the negative news going on on the world, you can count on EmpressLyfe to give your the good/positive news!

Did you know, NASA announced Wednesday the agency’s headquarters building in Washington, D.C., will be named after Mary W. Jackson, the first African American female engineer at NASA.

According to GoodBlackNews.org, Jackson started her NASA career in the segregated West Area Computing Unit of the agency’s Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia. Read more.....


Born in America! This song was a combination of two poems into one. It is so crazy how I wrote these poems back in the early 2000's. Yet, it is 2021 and the lyrics  and message in the song is still relevant.



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