Divine Femininity In The White House!?!?!?


What an accomplishment!

I can feel the ancestors celebrating her win now!

The 1st woman ever in US history????.....Now Herstory! I am excited to see what is next for the USA!


My 1st love is dance! Dance has opened my world up to so many creative possibilities. Dance introduced me to performing! Commanding the stage!

Anyone look familiar?

Look at my dance sistars here! We were performing at one of our pep rallies!

Back them we danced on the same rhythm, now we all are living our best lives as adult women in the everchanging world.


Have you heard the live stream podcast on Anchor.fm? or Spoon?

Yes, I have been working hard to stay focus on my goals this year! So, every Friday I am going LIVE on Spoon app. (Look for EmpressLyfe Radio)

Every Friday morning around 5:30ish AM EST, I am start a very cool, calm, inspiring podcast that focuses on Happy Friday, music, love, divine femininity, stories of other positive women around the world, good news, self care tips, fashion trivia, poems and moon phases! I created this space for women to come, unwind, and share ideas. Each week we have different topics. Our self care tips are great suggestions to use immediately. Join us!

I hope to see you there!

If you are not an early riser, the episodes are also saved on Anchor.fm 

Make sure you take some time and listen in!



This week the moon is in the waning moon phase! So think of a crescent moon when you hear waning. Soon on Dec 14th the new moon will appear! 

A new moon is dark though. Just like each woman has a dark side.

Dark not meaning bad! Why do we associate dark with bad?!?! 

WANING MOON PHASE- is for relaxing and making space. 

Take heed of what you have accomplished so far! Clear out space! Remove clutter! Let the stresses and worry roll off your back. Rework and organize your intentions sis! You got this!


Lady of the week:

Margaret Walker Alexander

This passionate woman was an amazing trailblazer and we honor and celebrate your work and accomplishments. 

Margaret Walker (Margaret Abigail Walker Alexander by marriage; July 7, 1915 – November 30, 1998) was an American poet and writer. She was part of the African-American literary movement in Chicago, known as the Chicago Black Renaissance


Starting in 2021, our gift shop with have a Black Friday Sale every Friday!

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Thank you for your time today sis!

-Empress Yana

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