1st Day of 2020!

2020 is here………………….

Now I must make my actions match my words. No more waking up to watching hours of my favorite TV show. Then starting my day with NO intention.!!!!!

I must start with me.

Starting today I will get up and :


-drink some warm tea

-focus on being grateful

-observing what I have

-plan my day

-write in my journal

-eat a salad

-have a chat with the sunrise


Just took a picture of the 1st sunrise of the year. I like to speak words into the sunrise.

Check it out on my IG page @4empressyana


I like getting up to write and say my poetry. I like that I am 40 and it is 2020. That just fits like shapes.


Waking up into the new year doing what I say I will. When you words match your actions. Everything starts to fall into alignment.
















Then you start to see number patterns. Please have an open mind and know that this world has many dimensions.


When you start your day with you first, you will have more to give to others.



Unitl Next Time!!

Empress Yana

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