Happy Kwanzaa

When I wear my crown, I wear it in HONOR of my ancestors. I wear it proud! 

I love celebrating Kwanzaa! I can spend the last seven days of the year improving myself, practice important virtues and celebrate my roots.

How are you celebrating Kwanzaa this year? Will this year be your 1st year celebrating? Make sure you follow me on IG for helpful Kwanzaa celebrating tips.



Join the movement and remind yourself to remain positive! I have opened my online store with a POSITIVE VIBES ONLY! brand merchandise. I pray that my words & products bring you joy, positive thoughts and of course positive vibes. Order today! Only $12.12.


Have you ever dreamed of something and it felt so real? Do you have repeat dreams of living your life a different way? I do! I use to have dreams of traveling the world as a runway model, chef and teacher! Then lyfe happened. 

So what now? Do I just give up? Do I love my dreams out through my kids?

Please! My parents did not raise me to be halfa$$! However,  because I am now a wife, mother, business owner I have to makes sure I make time for my goals! I made a promise to myself that my 2020 will also include my list of goals to get closer to me dreams.

Another reason to join the PVO! Movement! We will journey through 2020 together encouraging each other to stay focused with meditation, self care tips, travel and more.


I am excited to share my runway/modeling as an adult with you! As life happened, I pushed my passion for modeling to the back burner. Now, I am more focused and have the support now to stay inspired on my modeling goal.

How do you make sure you stay on track with your goals? Do you focus more on long term goals or short term goals? Don't worry! I will share many tips that has helped me stay on track. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE!


Thank you so much for your time!


Empress Yana

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